Here’s a collection of articles, blog posts, and websites that I’ve found helpful.

Clutter and Cleaning
The Many Reasons We Rely Upon Our Clutter
Keep Your Home Clean in 20 Minutes a Day (30 Day Schedule)

9 Easy Ways to Create Ideas
How to Deal with Sentimental Clutter

12 Steps to Financial Freedom in 2012
Shlomo Benartzi: Saving for tomorrow, tomorrow
How Advertising Manipulates Your Choices and Spending Habits (and What to Do About It)

5 Excuses That Keep You Unhealthy (and How to Destroy Them)
Reinventing the Office: How to Lose Fat and Increase Productivity at Work

Getting Organized
Real Simple Checklists for Just About Everything

Goal Setting
How to Work Towards and Achieve Your Goals…In Public
The Declaration of Interdependence

Dr. Oz’s 99 Healthiest Foods

Give a Damn
The 39th Lesson
The Most Important Skill to Master

Internet Privacy and Security
Everyone’s Trying to Track What You Do on the Web: Here’s How to Stop Them
How to Clear Your Permanent Google Search History

Practice Your Personal Kaizen
The Half Step That Will Change Your Life

Personal Growth
The Habits That Crush Us
Recalibrate Your Reality
What Is Your Daily Ride Helping You Practice?
4 Questions to Ask Yourself Every Day
Your Head or Your Gut: How to Know Which to Trust and When

A Survival Guide for Beating Information Addiction
Jot Once, Remember Anywhere
Best Procrastination Tip Ever
How to Start and How to Finish

The Benjamin Franklin Effect

How to Handle Your High Maintenance Friends and Family Without Losing Your Mind

The myth of the eight-hour sleep

Hack Your Brain to Use Cravings To Your Advantage
Don’t Do These 15 Things If You Want to Turn Your Dreams Into Reality