Small Steps to Healthy Eating


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You’re probably closer to achieving vibrant health and that elusive “perfect weight” than you realize. A lot closer.

In fact, the chances are that with the right strategies you could be enjoying life fully – the way it’s meant to be enjoyed – within a relatively short time.

So here’s a question:

When was the last time you felt truly ALIVE?

dreamstime_xs_11105543 - energy womanRemember when you had…

  • Vibrant energy from the moment you wake up until the minute you fall asleep?
  • A clear mind all day long?
  • Feeling great about yourself, your looks and life?

You see, all those things arise from what you eat.

Now, I’ll be honest with you: Before you can enjoy those wonderful benefits you’ll have to do a little work. I’d say that most people can feel better – give or take – within 6 months.

But the secret that makes it all work takes just a few seconds.

In fact I’ll reveal it in this very letter.

Of course, everyone’s heard of the research about the connection between food and health, yet so few people take steps to change their diet. And even among those who do try to change, the majority fail.


Listen, I know the crushing disappointment of failing at diet after diet can put you off even thinking about starting another one.

But that’s not a problem when you make one tiny “mental gear shift.” (I’ll tell you what that is in a moment.)

As you know, your diet determines your susceptibility to a wide range of illnesses: diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and more – too scary to mention here – but you know what I’m talking about.

But eating healthy isn’t one thing. It’s a lot of little decisions that you’re making all the time, every day.

Without the right mindset, how can you possibly know if you’re making the right decisions?

  • Every meal time?
  • Every coffee break?
  • Choosing what to buy in the supermarket?
  • Whenever someone offers you a chocolate?
  • At every social occasion?
  • What do you do at Christmas time?

No wonder people give up!

It’s just too much hard work thinking about what’s okay to eat. And then the awful feeling of guilt when you break a “rule.”

Not to mention the fear of what damage you might be doing to yourself.

I know. I’ve been there.

Bonnie 04 for sales letterMy name is Lynn Johnston, and I used to be a junk food junkie. The kind of person who considered a brownie and a soda to be breakfast. The kind of person who ate fast food for lunch and cereal for dinner. The kind of person who considered a serving of vegetables to be a punishment. Back then, the idea of changing my diet felt overwhelming. Impossible.

But when my health deteriorated to the point where I finally broke down and saw a doctor, the news was even worse than I expected.

I was diagnosed me with fibromyalgia, and she told me I’d be taking prescription meds for the rest of my life.

Those pills made me feel even worse than the fibromyalgia did. I had to do something.

First, I tried all the popular healthy diets. I quit eating sugar cold turkey. I threw out all my junk food. I stocked my fridge full of vegetables.

But I couldn’t stick with it.

For a week or two I’d force myself to eat food I couldn’t stand. But sooner or later, the cravings would win and I’d be back to my old habits.

It was only when I figured out the simple secret I’ll reveal to you in a moment that my health began to return – and it seemed so easy … so … painless.

You see, I learned to break healthy eating into a series of tiny, simple, painless steps.

No more worrying about hundreds of decisions. Just one small thing at a time.

The results?

  • My old bad eating habits just fell away.
  • Temptations became fun to deal with
  • No more guilt trips
  • No more need for willpower to keep going
  • Each day was
  • Shopping for groceries was easy again
  • I felt free at mealtimes and at social events
  • And … the icing on this healthy cake …

Once I began to shift my eating habits in the right direction, I started to feel better in little ways. Each small change brought me a little more energy. A little more energy. A little more mental clarity. A little bit better day. The natural supplements I was taking for my fibromyalgia seemed to be more and more effective.

Four years later, I am completely symptom-free, and feeling the best I’ve ever felt in my life.

I didn’t get here by following a strict diet, or forcing myself to eat foods I hated. I got here by making tiny changes to my diet and lifestyle, and letting the benefit of those healthy changes accumulate over time

I’d love to share all my secrets with you so you can do this too. Some of them are unusual, but they are 100% safe, and natural. I made sure of that when I went through my research to uncover each and every one of them.

And the results are simply amazing.

Here are some of the things you can enjoy once you get your hands on my “Small Steps To Healthy Eating” course.

You’ll learn:

– The simple technique that makes the food you’re already eating more nutritious, and can reduce how many calories you eat by up to 10%

– Tricks for sneaking more fruits and vegetables into your diet

– How to train your taste buds to like healthy foods

– Suggestions for treating “vegephobia”

– How your cell phone can make you a healthier eater

– Mental techniques for staying motivated

– Behavioral techniques that make eating healthy easier

Everything you need to get instant relief from the “healthy eating blues” will be yours. The ideas are easy to follow and understand.

Back then, I was on my own: my doctor didn’t believe in nutritional healing and I knew nothing about technologies for changing mindset. If I could go back in time and change one thing, I’d have introduced my younger, sicker self to neurolinguistic programming and self-hypnosis, two incredibly effective psychological tools that would have made those small changes even easier.

trevor_emdon_openshirtThat’s why I’ve partnered with NLP expert and hypnotherapist Trevor Emdon, whose techniques for breaking sugar addiction, derailing cravings, and changing your feelings about healthy food will make following this program almost effortless.

You’ll get:

– Self hypnosis techniques for relaxing and overcoming resistance to change. (Everybody needs a bit of that, don’t you think?)

– A stunningly simple way to “resist temptation” that works in seconds

– Self empowering processes that teach you how to easily reprogram your mind so you’re naturally attracted to foods that make you feel (and look!) good.

– Tips you can use to keep yourself motivated.

– Ideas about getting through tough times, disappointments and other challenges.

– Mindfulness practices to give your mind deep rest. (Rest is the universal prescription for healing – and is 100% natural!)

Here’s What You Can Get Today
As our special introductory offer, you have a chance to test drive this unique program for just $1!

Invest just a measly $1 today and you’ll get immediate access to the first video training – the first “small step” if you like – PLUS Trevor’s coaching video to make sure you completely understand the mindset you need – and how easy this program is.

The whole program builds – step by simple step – over six months, so if you decide to stay in, you’ll be billed just $97 a month – starting in 3 days’ time – for 6 payments, spread 30 days apart.

Of course, you can cancel at any time, but we don’t think you’ll want to, because you’ll feel better … and better … and better!

Small Steps to Healthy Eating

If you’re honest with yourself, you know you should healthier, and now you don’t have to do it alone. You don’t have to do it by trial-and-error, like I did. And you don’t have to do it by sheer force of will.

In fact, this program of small changes is specifically designed to require almost no willpower at all. Because studies by leading willpower experts reveal that relying on willpower is the least effective way to change your diet.

I went from junk food junkie to healthy eater without effort, with no fear of relapsing and without guilt about what I was eating along the way … and you can too.

Over the course of six months, you’ll be shown, coached and encouraged to make one small, easy change at a time, and given the resources to help you make that change.

You’ll also receive Trevor’s unique, highly-effective hypnosis audios programs so that all you have to do is listen. Then the changes you need to make become truly effortless.


Get in early and you’ll have the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to participate in a live group coaching call every month, where Trevor and I will answer your questions and help you identify ways to incorporate the new ways of thinking and living into your life naturally.

You’ll need to be quick though … there will be a limited number of spaces available on each call, and although later enrollees will have the recordings of those live sessions made available to them, there’s nothing quite like being there in person to ask the experts!

Enroll in Your Free Trial Now!

Small Steps to Healthy Eating

You could pay a personal coach thousands of dollars to motivate you to eat healthier. But Lynn and Trevor will walk you through the process of improving your diet step-by-step.

Still Unsure? We’ll GUARANTEE It!

We’ve put everything we can into this program to make sure everyone who enrolls succeeds – and has a good time while they’re on the “journey” with us too.

But we know nothing is perfect for everyone, so we’ve decided to remove all the risk.

If, for any reason, you’re not happy with the program within the first 30 days, simply email me and your payment will be immediately refunded.

After the first 30 days, the program would be refundable on any one month – not on the entire amount paid. (We can’t imagine why anyone would want a refund by the time they’re getting into the second and subsequent months, but we’ve tried to think of every possibility.)

If you’re not happy with the program, you can cancel at any time, and receive a refund for the current month, so there’s no risk.

It’s decision time…

Small Steps to Healthy Eating

Let us show you how to eat healthier–and be healthier–one small step at a time.

We look forward to having you on board.

Bless you, and thank you for reading.

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P.S. It’s only $1 to get started!