The Return of Mega Moolah

In a recent Mega Moolah progressive jackpot win, an experienced Canadian player won $7.45 million CAD thanks to Royal Vegas Casino and the perennially popular Microgaming slot. Not only that, but this isn’t the first time this year that this spot has produced a winner.

At the height of their fame.

Mega Moolah has consistently been voted the most played online slot game of all time. The cumulative seven- and eight-figure progressive jackpot payments on the combined networks offering Mega Moolah have maintained this trend for years. This recent win is significantly greater than the typical jackpot payout of $5.1 million. However, the record for the largest Mega Moolah payout goes to Jon Haywood of the United Kingdom, who won an astounding £13.2 million in October 2015 at the Royal Vegas Casino.


Ten-Year History

Mega Moolah is one of the longest-running online slot games, having debuted over ten years ago. When it was originally released in 2009, the slot was an instant popularity due to its enormous progressive payouts. Since its release, Mega Moolah has been consistently popular at online casinos. Several other online slots that are part of the same jackpot network have now been launched to add extra features and variety; these include the hugely popular Mega Moolah Isis. The original game took place in Africa and featured groundbreaking graphics for the time it was released (1983).


To win one of the four jackpots, players had to trigger the jackpot round, which occurred at absolutely random intervals, and then spin a wheel with several fields, one of which was seeded at a cool $1,000,000. The Royal Vegas online casino is only one of many that offers the Mega Moolah slot machine.


The jackpots are amassed throughout a vast system of interconnected Mega Moolah games, with the goal of awarding the largest possible progressive prize. The fascinating aspect of the interconnectedness is amplified by the fact that networks typically transcend the boundaries of different groupings of online casinos.

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